PCG // Paris Cycling Group

Paris Cycling Group (PCG) is a group for cyclists to share training rides in and around Paris. We're an informal group and we arrange rides of different levels and abilities - usually on road/racing bikes and for 70 - 200 km routes around Paris. This is a group for cyclists, not really for beginners - you will need the right equipment.

PCB // Paris Cycling B-Group

Paris Cycling B-Group (PCB) is a very informal and friendly road cycling group that formed in early July of 2017. We are at best a B-Group, which means we are not as fast as people who race bikes. Our rides average about 23 km/h and we typically ride about 80 km to 100 km, occasionally as much as 150 km. We regroup along the route so nobody gets dropped. We also have a global flavor - riders who have joined meetups thus far include people who hail from France, Great Britain, Scotland, Ireland, Mexico, Canada, Poland, Spain, Italy, Norway and the U.S. What we all share in common is a love of cycling and at least decent English language skills. We ride most often on Sundays because the streets have less traffic than Saturdays.