Strava Route Explorer

Giving athletes back what Strava has taken away.

Strava Route Explorer is my recent pet project for athletes (mainly cyclists and runners) who use Strava to create and use routes for their training rides and runs.

The idea? Sync routes from your Strava account, and then browse / search all routes synced by you and all other athletes.

A feature Strava once had, but it's long gone now. No Clusterer anymore either.

Now we have Route Builder, Global Heatmap and Local City Guides - which are all great, but still there is no way to easily search for interesting routes in the area made and tested by other athletes. Even though everyone and their dog has been asking for it for years now.

This app is supposed to help a little with this issue, by allowing athletes to synchronize their public routes into a catalog accessible and searchable by all (and by all we mean those who authorize themselves with Strava first - we respect your privacy after all, and will not allow just anyone to access your routes - only other like-minded athletes).